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Our Services

What types of services do you offer?

Primarily payroll processing for small to medium sized organizations (current clients range in size from 2 to over 300 employees).

What's different about your services?

To be honest, there really isn't a whole lot that's "different" in the world of payroll processing --- but we do try to keep a personal relationship with our clients (if you call us, you'll be talking to a live person). Then too, we've been doing this for over 25 years, which means we have a lot of experience -- and it means we must be doing something right, to have been around this long.

What if I want to do something a little different from your standard package?

We try to keep things as much the same as possible for all our clients, since our "standard software" is really the result of years of enhancements designed to satisfy most of our customers. However, there are times when someone needs special reports or processing -- if the changes are minor, we often do them for a small charge. If the changes are more involved, we may still make them for little or nothing if we feel that the enhancements add to our standard package and make it more flexible.

How do your rates compare with other providers?

Again, the fact that we've been successful for 25 years indicates that our rates are very competitive. Actual charges depend on a number of factors. For payroll processing, it's based on the number of employees, whether we have to pick up or deliver, how far away the client is, what special reports or processing may be involved, etc. If you would like a quote, just e-mail or call us about the kind of processing you need and what exactly is involved -- we'll return a quote ASAP.

MDP Payroll System Input Options

Remote Entry

Our remote entry option allows you to log in to our server and enter payroll from any location, using a PC, tablet or other device. This option gives you access to all the features of our software - adding and changing employees or contractors, adding income and deduction types, tracking employee training and benefit eligibility and much more. It also provides you with what-you-see-is-what-you-get payroll input - as you enter an employee's pay you can see the person's net pay immediately.

Offline Entry

Our offline input option is actually multiple options. You can call in your payroll information, fax or email it to us, or enter it yourself on our EZ Pay spreadsheet program. We will check your input to make sure there aren't any errors and enter the information into the payroll system for you.

Standard Reports:

NOTE: Our reports are available in printed form or as an encrypted PDF file which can be downloaded from the internet. Click HERE to have a sample PDF report file emailed to you.

Payroll Register (Per Pay Period)

Lists all employee payroll entries for the current period as well as current and year-to-date figures for each department. Shows individual transactions for each employee, including transaction type code, hours and dollar amounts.

Department Summary (Per Pay Period)

Shows regular and overtime hours and earnings, gross, taxes, and taxable amounts for current payroll summarized by department, along with overall totals.

Tax Distribution Report (Per Pay Period)

Prints all federal, state and local taxes, taxable wages, tax factors, and amounts due by department, along with overall totals (broken down for easy use in making EFTPS deposits).

Workers Compensation Report (Per Pay Period)

Gives gross wages by employee and by class code, along with grand totals.

Voluntary Deduction Report (Per Pay Period)

Lists up to 15 deductions for each employee, along with employee number, name, and department number (includes totals for all employees, including those not paid on the current payroll). Prints both current and year-to-date deduction totals.

Vacation/Sick Leave Report (Per Pay Period)

Keeps track of vacation and sick leave hours earned and used by employee.

401(k) Report (Per Pay Period)

Shows employee contributions and employer match amounts (current pay period and year-to-date).

Check Register by Check (Per Pay Period)

Prints one line for each check (system generated or manual check) for the current payroll, showing employee number, name, check number and amount.

Payroll checks/Deposit slips (Per Pay Period)

Prints checks and/or deposit slips (if using direct deposit option for some or all employees). Lists hours, earnings, tax, deduction, and benefit amounts on stub.

SUI Summary by State (Quarterly)

Lists total wages, taxable amounts, state unemployment rate, and tax due by employee, department, state, and overall.

Federal 941 form - Employer's Quarterly Tax Return (Quarterly)

Prints Form 941 for the current quarter.

Schedule B - Tax Liability (Quarterly)

Prints Schedule B form for the current quarter.

W-3 Form (Annual)

Prints form W-3 for the current year.

W-2 Forms (Annual)

Generates W-2 form for each employee (active or inactive) who had wages in the current year.

Form 940 (Annual)

Prints Federal Unemployment Return (form 940) for the current year (including breakdown of SUI liability and taxes paid by state).

Additional Services:

ACH Direct Deposit Files

We can produce standard NACHA direct deposit files to go to your bank for automated handling of direct deposit employees.

401(k) Files

If you need a 401(k) file to send to your administrator, we can produce a file in virtually any format you need.

And more...

Many of our clients have special needs or requests - custom general ledger interfaces employee roster reports, and so forth. If you have want something that isn't included in our basic package, let us know -- we're always willing to work with our clients to find a solution to whatever problem they might have.