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MDP Payroll Quiz:

Please try this short payroll quiz.
Select the correct answers from the choices on the drop down menus. Any that you get wrong will have a check mark placed in the check box.

1.The current Federal minimum wage per hour (till 7/24/2007) is?
2.Employee Cafeteria plan insurance is:
3.Employee 401(k) plans are ______ taxable.
4.To be classified as 'part-time' an employee should work no more than _____ hours a week.
5.Earned Income Credit amounts paid to employees are paid by the employer (True or False?).
6.How often does an employer have to submit Form 940 (Federal Unemployment Insurance Report)?
7.Year-end W-2 forms must be submitted electronically if an employer has _____ or more employees.
8.Employees who work over ____ hours a week are entitled to overtime pay.
9.Can an employer can pay some employees weekly and others bi-weekly or semi-monthly?
10.Do all employees have to have the same deductions?

You got out of correct.

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